What We Do


Basic day-to-day bookkeeping keeps your business running smoothly but can be time consuming to people trying to run their own business.  By moving those tasks to Aikler & Marsh Accounting you take back that time and can reinvest it where it needs to be: growing your business.


The complexities of accounting rules, regulations, and various filing requirements can be overwhelming as you are trying to run your business efficiently and effectively, all the while trying to growing it.  Outsourcing your accounting requirements can save you time and money.  We can also provide updated financial information on a regular basis to help you make decisions on how to operate your business.



Whether it is personal, business, or corporate income, we can ensure that you taxes are filed appropriately, on time, and as accurately as possible.  We are a certified E-Filer with the CRA which means that your returns are transmitted and received instantly.


We offer payroll processing services to our bookkeeping clients in conjunction with their current bookkeeping software

Tax Remittances


Small businesses have several remittance requirements they have to follow, including GST, PST, payroll taxes, and the upcoming Employer Health Tax.  It is important to ensure these requirements are being met to avoid costly penalties and interest.  Whether your schedule is monthly, quarterly, or annually, we make sure that your payments are made accurately and on time.



Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.  A well designed budget is a tool that lets you compare your company's performance against your goals; it measures your revenues and reduces your exposure to unnecessary expenses.  Whether it be planning for expansion or just getting started, a budget is your roadmap to success.